We are in the midst of the most disruptive industrial revolution in human history that presents opportunities and challenges.  Taking advantage of the opportunities and mitigating the challenges requires collaboration across disciplines within the broad category that is A.I. The Centre for A.I. research (CAIR) acknowledges this need and provides a context for different disciplines to come together and discuss pertinent issues such as the research and development of A.I. techniques, the ethics of A.I. and everything in between. CAIR is thus pleased to host the SACAIR2020 Unconference.  The Unconference is collocated with  the Southern African Artificial Intelligence Conference: AI Transforming Humanity. 

The un-conference is an informal setting for postgraduate students in all aspects of Artificial Intelligence to meet and discuss their research and network with other students and faculty. Your ideas might just change the world! 

The un-conference is a single-day event held on the 22 February and is organized by students for students. We urge all students who intend to attend the main conference to also participate in this socially driven un-conference to get the most out of the week-long event. Students who do not intend to attend the main conference are encouraged to attend the un-conference for presentations and discussions on the future of A.I.

The unconference will feature a student driven symposium (see the call for participation) which will allow students to present work in progress or present interesting ideas for discussion. The unconference will also feature panel and group discussions on various aspects of A.I.  Attendees will also have an opportunity to engage with industry representatives who will be invited to the unconference.

Student Symposium

The symposium is intended for students to present work that is not as yet ready for publication. 

  • You do not need an accepted paper to attend the event.
  • Selected papers will be presented as an oral presentation and/or a poster presentation.
  • Accepted un-conference papers will not be published in a formal proceedings; however, the papers will be uploaded to the SACAIR website
  • Costs for the un-conference are included in the main conference payment. Further cost details will follow for those wishing to only attend the un-conference. Please check this website regularly for updates.
Agenda for the Day

Exact details will be finalized at a later stage.